About Me

I am a problem solver and my main toolset are software and data. I try not to talk too much about myself, as I let my accomplishments talk about me because I believe that actions speak louder than words. So why not take a look at the list of my projects.

Currently in software engineering, I am spending a lot of time creating Full-Stack Software to connect devices across the world which includes digital embedded electrical systems. My most prominent project is the IoT Sensor Interface.

With Data Science, I am spending a lot of time with data analytics, connectors and visualizations. I have a lot of projects around that, but maybe you'd like to see some of my personal statistics.


Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT Sensor Interface

IoT project that uses electrical sensors data sent to the public API. This sensor data can is then recorded and can be seen in the interface in realtime.

Web Application
Multi-Route Optimizer

A project for a distribution company that aims to distribute to multiple places in the most efficient route as possible.

Project Management
Cost Time Resource Visualization

Development of a data visualization tool for Project Management: Cost-Time-Resource Projection

Web Application

Spotimania is a multiplayer song/artist guessing game based on custom playlist to test your knowledge of musical pop culture. The songs details comes from Spotify API.

Web Application
Living Lab

The website for the Living Lab Project. The Living Lab Project accelerates the path to market for IoT related products by providing accelerated life tests and real-life trials.

Web Application

A Coders For Causes (CFC) project on a blog supporting resource sharing for the Home2Health research group

Robotics Process Automation
Resume Skills Data Entry

This project is focused on trying to create a faster way into listing the skills of multiple candidate and entering it to a system. The solution that was chosen is Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Data Analysis & Visualization
Personal Finance Analyzer

A personal project that helps analyzing my personal finance. By importing my Bankwest Statement, analysis and visualizations are automatically made

Data Analysis & Visualization
X Financial Record Analysis in Australia

My first project in exploring correlating financial data with geolocation data in order to create a visualization of analyzed data that will be displayed on a map

Data Analysis & Visualization
MicroCars Sensor Displacement Analysis

A university project of an analysis of sensor displacement data coming from microcars with Python

Data Analysis & Visualization
Warren Truss Analysis

A university project of analyzing the strongest and weakest point of a Warren Truss bridge. This is built using algebraic/symbolic computation with Python

Web App and Data Visualization

A personal project that helps visualize 3D mathematical projections

Some Statistics About Me

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